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147 New York Alfred Stratton Amputee CDV

SOLD! Here is a cdv of double amputee Alfred Stratton, 147 New York Infantry, Co. G. He was severly wounded by an artillery shell at Petersburg on Sept. 27, 1864. There is no backmark on this cdv.

Armed Union Infantry Tintype

SOLD!!! Here is a great tintype with an armed Civil War infantry soldier. You can see his rifle, cartridge box, US plate, bayonet, and eagle plate. This tintype is in a cdv paper type holder. It is the size of an eighth plate.

Identified Civil War Bugler CDV

SOLD! Civil War identified bugler CDV. This CDV is identified as Johnason Miller. He is holding a bugle in his right hand. The backmark on this cdv is "W.M.Saylor, Photographer, 517 Penn St., Readiing, Pa.". Civil War bugler photographs are getting very hard to find.

GAR Post Photograph

GAR Post photograph with lots of badges. One member is wearing a post in Memorium badge but I can't read which post. The photograph is approximately 4 7/8 inches by 10 inches. I have plastic on the photo so if you need a better shot let me know.

Ohio GAR Family Cabinet Card

SOLD! This was a GAR family! He is wearing his GAR membership badge and she is wearing her Womens Relief Corp badge. The photographer is Henry Wenzel Photographer, Plain City, Ohio as noted on the front and back.

GAR Buckeye Cannon with Post Members


A great cabinet card with a cannon and many GAR members with badges sitting/standing around it. There are flags, drums, and badges!!! Everything you want in a good GAR photo. On the back of the cabinet card it says "BUCKEYE CANNON - Presented by- HENRY LEONARD, of Basil, Ohio, To the Col. Vol. Cupp Post, No.263, G.A.R., of Baltimore, Ohio. - Centennial Exposition at Columbus, O., 1888. Name of Cannon: "MILLENNIUM." There is also a quote from the Bible and "Copywrited by H. Leonard, 1888". This is a killer GAR cabinet card!

Iowa GAR Member with badge

SOLD! Here is a great cabinet card from Ogden, Iowa. The man is proudly wearing his GAR membership badge. There is some water stains in the lower left that do not effect the photo. On the back is written "Eugene".

Seated GAR member with hat and badge

Here is a great photo of a seated GAR member. He is wearing his GAR hat, lapel pin, and a large ribbon that looks like a camp badge. I can't read it but it has a celluloid drop hanging and a celluloid hanger. This photo is approximately 3 inches by 4 inches total.

GAR Member wearing Membership Badge

SOLD! A great 3/4 standing cabinet card of a GAR member wearing his membership badge. Along with his membership badge he has a great, long watch chain. There is no photographer mark or location on this card.

WW1 Black 349 Co. C Artillery Yard Long

SOLD!! Here is a great WW1 photograph of the 349 Artillery Group, Company C. The framed photograph is 46 1/2 inches wide. The whole company in this yard long are black U.S. soldiers in World War 1. I have been told this unit went to France but worked in a support role and did not fight. It is very difficult to find any black military photos but this one is outstanding.

UCV Post 171 District of Columbia Photo with FLAG!


There are not many photos like this that are on the market! This great photo is of the UCV Post 171, District of Columbia. It is a group photo with their wives. In the center is the First National Flag!!!! The photo is in a black frame that is approximately 15 1/2 inches by 12 1/2 inches. The photo is approximately 7 3/4 inches by 5 3/4 inches.

Identified Signal Corp Soldiers on Lookout Mountain Civil War CDV

SOLD! Two men on the rock outcroping overlooking the Tennessee River on Lookout Mountain. Both men are holding telescopes! There is no backmark on the carte but it is in the classic R.Lynn pose. After I bought this CDV a friend who collects Lookout Mountain CDVs looked at the CDV and he has the same CDV in his collection identified. The two soldiers are John M. Drake and Robert H. Elliott. Drake was with the 6th Ohio before the Signal Corp and Elliott was with the 50 Illinois. I have the copy of the back of his CDV that says "Elliott and Drake, Lookout Mt. Chattanooga, Tenn." I have copies of their service records showing transfer to the Signal Corp in this area of conflict. His CDV did not have a backmark either so I cannot prove R.Lynn is the photographer. I know several other photographers took photos on this rock, but the CDV is an identified Lookout Mountain CDV. Can't get better than this!

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