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Union Officer with Vicksburg, Mississippi Backmark CDV

A great image of a cocky Union officer wearing a hat.† I can only see one bar on his right shoulder strap but there could be another one.† This image came with a group of officers from the 27 Ohio Infantry who had moved to the 64th U.S. Colored Troop.† A clean image with good color.

Union Soldier with Vicksburg, Mississippi Backmark

A nice image of an Union soldier at Vicksburg, Mississippi.† THe soldier is wearing a frock coat.† THe backmark on the image is "Needles & Bishop, No. 6 Washington Street, Vicksburg, Miss.".

A Great Union Bugler CDV

A nice CDV of an Union bugler!† This image has a double gold border and the photgraphis in an oval.† The soldier is wearing a frock coat and has his bugle straped over his shoulder.† The frock coat would indicate an infantry regiment.† There is no backmark.

2nd Indiana Cavalry Identified CDV

A nice CDV of Elijah W. Rigdon of Company C, 2nd Indiana Cavalry.† The image has Rigdon in a full standing pose.† He is wearing a civilian coat but pants and boots are definitely uniform.† THe CDV is ink signed "E.W.Rigdon" on the back of the carte.† The backmark is "The Union Forever!† Union Picture Gallery, Warsaw, Ind. - E.G. Burgess.".† The 2nd Indiana Cavalry was all over the West.† The battles of Pea Ridge, Corinth, Perryville, Middle Tennessee, and Atlanta were only part of this regiments action.

GAR Cabinet Card with105th Illinois Ladder Badge

A great cabinet card of an Union veteran wearing a ladder badge and a GAR lapel pin.† You can only see what is on the first two rungs of the ladder badge - "Co. B - 105".† The cabinet card was photographed by Hartley - 309 Madison St. - Chicago.

Charleston, SC Civil War CDV of East Bay Street


A wonderful photograph of East Bay Street in Civil War Charleston, South Carolina.† The backmark was "Quinby & Co., Artists, Charleston, S.C." but someone scratched the Quinby out but you can still see it.

Charleston, South Carolina Civil War CDV of the Circular Chrch

A wonderful photograph of the Circular Church in Civil War Charleston, South Carolina.† The backmark is "H.C. Foster, Photographer, Charleston, S.C.".

Tomb of John C. Calhoun in Civil War Charleston, SC CDV

A great photograph of the tomb of John C. Calhoun in Civil War Charleston, South Carolina.† The backmark is "H.C. Foster, Photographer, Charleston, S.C.".

South Bay Street, Charleston, SC Civil War CDV


A great photograph of South Bay Street in Charleston, South Carolina.† The backmark is "H.O. Foster, Photographer, Charleston, S.C.".

Charleston, SC War End Churches CDV

A great photograph of two churches in bombed out Charleston, South Carolina.† THe backmark on this photograph is "H.C.Foster, Photographer, Charleston, S.C.".

Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman CDV

A very nice, clean CDV of Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman who was killed at Champion Hill, Mississippi.† This great CDV has Tilghman in a full standing pose holding his sword.† The backmark is E. & H.T. Anthony, 501 Broadway, New York.

General Stephen D. Lee & Gen. Thomas Waul at Vicksburg 1901


A great photograph of General Stephen D. Lee and General Thomas N. Waul at the Vicksburg Park Commision meeting in December, 1901.† The photograph has the two standing next to each other.† Lee is wearing his UCV lapel badge.† Written on the back of the photograph in pencil is "Gen. Lee & Wall - Dec. 11th, 1901".† General Waul was best known for "Waul's Texas Legion".† General Lee fought in both the Eastern and Western theatres of war but the last half of the war was in the Western theatre.† He fought at Vicksburg, Atlanta, and Nashville.† The photograph is approximately 4 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

General J.E.B. Stuart with Maryland Backmark


A great CDV of Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart.† In this image he is seated and you can see his sword, hat, sash,†and his boots.† This is a very clear photograph of General Stuart and has a Brendann Bros., 207 Baltimore St. backmark.† The Brendann Brothers were very noted Baltimore, Maryland photographers.†

Apalachicola, Florida Confederate Veteran Photograph

A great photo of Fred G. Wilhelm.† Fred was in the 3rd Georgia Cavalry.† He moved to Apalachicola, Florida after the war.† He was very active in veteran's affairs and as Adjutant of Camp Tom Moore, No. 556, Apalachicola, Florida wrote many obits for the "Confederate Veteran" magazine.† He is listed in many issues and in the 1923 issue he writes "I am now in my eighty-fifth year, read and write without the aid of glasses, no corns or bunions, no bad teeth, steady nerves, as you will note by my writing(which is beautifully clear); and I expect to continue my subscription probably till 1948, as I feel youthful enough for at least twenty-five more years."† What a card!†
This photo is from his 85th year in 1923.† He looks quite dapper and in good shape.† Fred is standing in his UCV uniform† wearing several badges.† The Hotel Delmar in Apalachicola is behind him.† Written on the back of the photograph is "Fred G. Wilhelm - Box 206 - Apalachicola, Fla. - Age 85 yrs. - United Confederate Veteran - Wheeler's 3d Ga. Calvary - Enlisted Col.(probably Columbus, GA) - Ga."† And his handwriting is as clear as he pronounced in the "Confederate Veteran"!† The photograph is approximately 4 1/2 inches by 2 3/4 inches.† The Civil War data base shows him as† a sargeant but he is addressed as Captain in several "Confederate Veteran" articles.†

Carver Barracks, Washington, D.C. Civil War Cabinet Card


A great cabinet card of Carver Barracks, Wahsington, D.C.† The image is a copy of a line drawing with the barracks surrounding a United States flag.† Written on the bottom of the photograph is "Carver Barracks, Meridian Hill, Washington, D.C. - 1st Brigade, Casey's Division, U.S. Army, W.H.H. Davis, Col. 104 PA Vols Commanding Brigade - 11 Maine Inf. John C. Caldwell, Colonel - 104 Pennsylv" Regt. - Col W.W.H. Davis† - 56 N.Y. State Vols, Col. C.H. Van Wyck - 52 Penn Volunteers - Col. John C. Dodge, Jr.".† The image has a photographers mark of H. Osterhout, Main Street, Middleton, N.Y.

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