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Large Photo Robt. Ferrell, 2nd Virginia Cavalry CS

An early 1900s copy of an albumen of Robert C. Ferrell, Co. K, 2nd Virginia Cavalry, CSA. This is an early war photograph with Ferrell wearing a helmet (I bet he lost that fast!). He is also wearing a CS oval belt plate. This reprint is a pre silver emulsion reprint. It has a yellow cast much like CDVs or albumen photographs indicating an early copy. His name and unit is in pencil on the back of the photo. The photo is approximately 6 inches by 8 inches. You won't be able to find a period photo of a Confederate for this price!

Sudleys Church, Bull Run Outdoor CDV

SOLD!!! A great CDV of Sudleys Church on the Bull Run battlefield. The church was used as a hospital during the battle. Three soldiers are in front of the door of the church. One is holding a musket. The photograph wa staken from Brady's Album Gallery and copy writed in 1862 by Barnard & Gibson.

Lt. Colonel John A. Robinson, 25th Virginia Inf.

SOLD!!! A nice post war photo of Lt. COlonel John A. Robinson of the 25th Virginia Infantry. He was on the rolls July 1, 1861. On May 28, 1863, he was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. After the war he lived in West Virginia and served in the West Virginia House of Delegates. The back mark is "T.H. Higgins, 42 12th Street, Wheeling, W. Va.".

Unidentified Union Major - Vicksburg Back Mark

SOLD!!! A great image of an unidentified Union major with a Vicksburg, Mississippi back mark. The back mark is "Joslyn & Smith, Washington Gallery, Vicksburg, Miss.".

Confederate Veterans in front of Virginia Capital

SOLD!!! A great stereoview of Confederate veterans in front of the Virginia capitol in Richmond. I count at least 9 Confederate veterans standing in front of the capitol. A great stereoview!

Full Standing Large Confederate Veteran Photograph

A wonderful full standing Confederate Veteran large photograph. This photograph is attached to a board which is approximately 8 inches by 10 inches. This Confederate veteran is full standing in the photograph. He is wearing a "CV" hat badge on his hat. He is wearing an officer's camp badge. You can see the officers bar on the camp badge. This vet is rather very nicely attired. He is wearing his Confederate Veteran uniform and you can seea drop hanging from his watch chain. A great photograph!!

Wonderful Devil's Den GAR Photo -Man with Bucktail

SOLD!!! A really great Grand Army of the Republic photograph taken at the Devil's Den on the Gettysburg battlefield. Several of the veterans are wearing Pennsylvania state GAR badges. One older gentleman is wearing a bucktail on his hat!!! I wonder which regiment he belonged to?! One man is wearing a GAR slouch hat. This is a large photograph. The right lower corner is missing on this photo as you can see from the photos but does not affect the substance of the photograph, just the border.

General J.E.B. Stuart CDV

SOLD!!! A wonderful CDV of Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart. This great Confederate cavalry leader rode rings around the Union cavalry but wasn't at Gettysburg when Lee needed him there. He was wounded at the battle of Yellow Tavern and died the next day in Richmond. Like his intimate friend Stonewall Jackson, Stuart soon became a legendary figure, ranking as one of the great cavalry commanders of America. There is no back mark on this CDV. In the opinion of Stephen Rowe, noted Southern photography expert, this photo was taken by Vanerson & Jones.

General James Longstreet CDV - Lee's Old War Horse

A great Carte de vista of Confederate General James Longstreet, Lee's Old War Horse. Longstreet graduated from West Point and fought in the Mexican War. He fought with the Army of Northern Virginia until General Lee sent him west. Longstreet and his army saved the day at the battle of Chickamauga and then he spent time in Eastern Tennessee. Finally he returned to General Lee's army and fought the rest of the war in that army. Longstreet's photograph is getting harder to find!

Confederate Colonel John S. Mosby CDV

SOLD!!! A nice CDV of Colonel John Singleton Mosby. One of the noteable Confederate officers of the Civil War. This CDV has been retouched and has "Gen. Mosby" on the bottom of the carte. There is no back mark..

General B.W. Palmer Texas UCV Post Card

SOLD!!! A great post card of General B.W. Palmer, Mountain Reminant Brigade, United Confederate Veterans. Written on the front of the card in white is "Gen. B.W. Palmer - Mountain Reminant Brigade - U.C.V. - 25th Reunion at Ballinger, Texas". Palmer is in his UCV uniform and is wearing his Southern Cross of Honor. These UCV photo postcards are getting hard to find.

Full Standing Zouave CDV Bowdin Taylor Backmark

SOLD!!! A very hard to find full standing CDV of a Civil War union soldier dresses in a zouaves uniform! The back mark is "Bowdoin, Taylor & Co., 204 King.Cor. Columbus Street, Alexandria, VA". Written on the back of the CDV in modern pencil is "114 PA - Collins Zouaves". This image was on the dead board at one time. There is a small amount of damage at the bottom of the CDV.

44th New York "Elmsworth Avengers" Flag CDV

A great CDV of the flag of the 44th New York Infantry. The 44th New York was nicknamed the "Elmsworth Avengers". This great CDV shows the bullet riddled flag of the 44th New York. This CDV is signed by J.B. Storm who is James B. Storm, Co. A, 44th New York. Storm was wounded at Fredricksburg and Gettysburg! Don't miss this great CDV.

Confederate Cannons overlooking River @ Vicksburg

SOLD!!! A great CDV of Confederate cannons overlooking the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. Outdoor photos of Vicksburg are very hard to find. There are two cannons with stacked ammunition next to the cannons. Look at the grape shot! There is no backmark.

Civil War Tin Clad Naval War Ship CDV

SOLD!!! A really neat CDV of a Civil War naval tin clad war ship. You can see how the steamship was converted to a war ship. There is no backmark. I haven't located the name of this ship yet but when I do.....

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