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Interior of the Citadel at Port Hudson CDV

A great CDV of a destroyed cannon inside the Citadel overlooking the Mississippi River at Port Hudson, Louisiana.† The photograph was taken by McPherson & Oliver, Baton Rouge.† Hard to find Port Hudson battlefield photograph.

Destroyed Cannon - Port Hudson, Louisiana CDV

A great CDV of a destroyed cannon inside the Citadel at Port Hudson, Louisiana.† The photograph was taken by McPherson & Oliver, Baton Rouge.† Hard to find Port Hudson battlefield photograph.

Port Hudson, Louisiana - McPherson & Oliver Battle Field CDV

A great CDV from the Confederate works at Port Hudson, Louisiana overlooking the Mississippi River.† A steamboat is in the dead center of the photograph.† The photograph was taken by McPherson & Oliver, Baton Rouge.† Hard to find Port Hudson battlefield photograph.

GAR Veteran with Wife Tintype - Maine Address on back

A nice tintype of a Grand Army of the Republic veteran and his wife seated.† The veteran is wearing a GAR membership badge and a Massachusetts GAR†Department badge.†He is also wearing a hat with a GAR cloth piece with the Post number on it.† †His wife is wearing a WRC badge.† On the back of the†tintype is scratched "R.A. Stroud - Portland, ME".

General Stephen D. Lee CDV

A nice, clean CDV of General Stephen D. Lee.† You can clearly see the stars on his collar.† The backmark is "Published by E.&H.T. Anthony, 501 Broadway, New York.† Manufactures of the best Photographic Albums".†
General Lee started in Virginia but was transferred to the Western theatre and fought at Vicksburg, the Atlanta campaign, and Hood's Middle Tennessee campaign.† A very nice image!

Looking South of Stone's River Battlefield Albumen

A wonderful and hard to find image of the Stone's River battlefield!† This photograph is in the albumen style.† It measures approximately 7 5/8 inches by 4 1/2 inches for the photograph and approximately 8 inches by 10 inches for the card stock.†
The image has three men sitting on a fence.† One is in a top hat and two are wearing vests sitting on a split rail fence.† A barn type structure is in the background.† Written on the back of the photograph in period ink is "M.27. Looking south of battlefield os Stone's River".† A great Tennessee outdoor photograph of a hard fought battlefield!

Confederate Veteran wearing 3 Badges-1915 National, Southern Cross, & Souvenir

A great photo post card of a Confederate veteran wearing three badges!† The veteran is seated in a carved wooden chair.† On his left lapel (your right) is†a Southern Cross and a 1915 United Confederate Veteran Richmond, Virginia National badge.† On his right lapel (your left) is a United Confederate veteran souvenir badge.† The photo is very clear.† "Lee Gallery - 111 1/2 E. Broad St., Richmond, Va." is stamped on the back of the post card.† The photo is very clear.

6th South Carolina Infantry Identified UCV Chester Co. Photograph

A wonderful photograph of Dr. William J.W. Cornwell of Chester County, South Carolina and the 6th South Carolina Infantry.† The 6th South Carolina was a great Army of Northern Virginia unit that also fought a little in the west.† Dr. Cornwell is seated with a long white beard and a Southern Cross on his right lapel.† Dr. Cornwell enlisted in the Calhoun Guards in April, 1861.† He was wounded at Seven Pines along with 52% of his unit!† He and his wife are buried in the cemetary at Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church in Chester, S.C.† On the back is a weak photographers mark but you can read "Chester, S.C.".† His name is in pencil on the back of the card.† The card is approximately 7 3/8 inches by 5 1/4 inches.

H. J. Frierson, 48 Tennessee Infantry CDV

A great CDV of a Tennessee Confederate.† The image is of H.J. Frierson, 48 Tennessee Infantry.† The backmark is "J.H. Van Stavoren's Gem Gallery, Columbia, Tenn. - E.G. Maire - Photographer".† The image is pencil signed on the back.†

General Richard Taylor CDV CSA

A nice CDV of General Richard Taylor of the western Confederate army.† Stamped under the image is "Gen. Dick Taylor".† Taylor was son of President Zachary Taylor and brother to Jefferson Davis's wife.† He served under General Stonewall Jackson in the Valley campaign and in the Seven Day battles.† He was promoted to Lt. General in 1864 and surrendered the last Confederate forces east of the Mississippi in May 1865.

Captured Confederate Officer at Camp Douglas, IL CDV


A really nice image of a captured Confederate officer at Camp Douglas, Illinois.† The bust shot is cleat and shows the three bars on the collar denoting a Captain's rank.† The backmark is "D.F. Brandon, Photographer, Camp Douglas."† A great Confederate† POW image!

General Roger Hanson CDV

A great Confederate general CDV of General Roger Hanson.† A Kentucky general who commanded the Kentucky brigade of John C. Breckinridge's division, which he lead at the battle of Stone's River.† Hanson was mortally wounded on January 2, 1863, and died two days later in a house near the battlefield.† He is buried in Lexington, KY.†† A wonderful full standing photograph.

Confederate Officer POW Full Standing CDV

A wonderful CDV of a Confederate officer who was a prisoner†in the Gratiot Street, St. Louis, MO.†† This image is of a full standing Confederate officer holding a chair.† A 3 cent green Washington stamp is on the back.† This exact image is on page 88, "Still More Confederate Faces"!!!† Under the image on the carte is "A.J. Fox, Artist, Cor. Fourth & Olive sts. St. Louis".† We bought this from the Ertzgaard family.

General George Thomas (Tige) Anderson CDV

A hard to find Confederate general! General George Thomas "Tige" Anderson fought in the Mexican War and then was commisioned into the US regular Army in 1855. He resign after Georgia succeeded and became Colonel of the 11th Georgia Infantry. He acted as brigade commander during the battles of the Seven Days, at Second Manassas, and at Sharpsburg. He was appointed brigadier general on November 1, 1862. He was at Fredericksburg, and followed the fortunes of Longstreet's corp in the Suffolk expedition. He was severely wounded at Gettysburg but was back in command at Chickamauga, Knoxvile, and the Virginia campaign of 1864. His brigade was attached to General Charles W. Field's division at Appomttox. There is no backmark on the image.

Capt. Joseph G. Strong, 28th Iowa Infantry CDV


A nice CDV of Captain Joseph G. Strong, 28th Iowa Infantry. Captin Strong mustered in on 08/16/62 as a private and was mustered out on 07/31/65 in Savannah, Georgia. He was wounded at Sabine Cross Roads, LA on April 8, 1864 and again at Winchester, Virginia on September 19, 1864. This image is signed in light pencil underneath the photo. There is no backmark. A small notch is out of the right top corner of the card. Also I have the same image in my permanent collection with an ink signature. This regiment was organized with Iowa City as a place of rendezvous and it was mustered in Oct. 10, 1862. After a week at Davenport it moved to Helena, Ark. where a detachment of 500 accompanied a force in the direction of Oakland, Miss., for the aid of Grant in his effort to take Vicksburg. Smallpox kept the command in camp until Jan., 1863, when the regiment moved in the expedition up the White River as far as Devall's Bluff and returned to find its tents gone! when the men sank down into the mud to rest as best they could until something could be provided to give them some shelter from the elements. The regiment spent a week at Yazoo pass in February, clearing the channel of the obstructions placed there, and then returned to Helena. Col. Miller resigned, being succeeded by Lieut.-Col. Connell and the latter by Capt. Wilson as lieutenant-colonel. Moving for Vicksburg on April 11, the regiment was first under fire at Port Gibson, where it went into battle after a 24 hours' march and fought with coolness and spirit. It was at this time a part of the 2nd brigade, 12th division, 13th army corps. It took part in all the movements, skirmishes and marches of that corps, and was engaged at Champion's Hill, where it lost 22 killed, 65 wounded and 13 missing, four companies coming out of the fight without a commissioned officer. Gen. Hovey said of the 24th and 25th IA regiments "scarcely more than six months in service, yet no troops ever showed more bravery or fought with more valor." The regiment went into the trenches before Vicksburg and remained until the fall of the city. At the conclusion of the siege it moved to Jackson and engaged in the siege of that place. At this time it was reduced to about 250 men capable of duty, death, wounds and sickness having wrought havoc in its ranks. On its return to Vicksburg, it was assigned to the Department of the Gulf, and accompanied the expedition into western Louisiana as far as Opelousas. On the return it was in constant skirmish, making several marches toward the west on two or three occasions when the enemy became too aggressive. It was next ordered to Texas, but transportation not being furnished the regiment went into camp at Madisonville. About March 1, 1864 it proceeded to New Orleans, thence to Algiers, and a few days later to Brashear City. It was with the Red River expedition, fought at Sabine Cross-Roads, where it lost about 80 in killed and wounded, Col. Connell, being severely wounded and captured, the command devolving upon Capt. Thomas Dillon in the absence of his ranking officers. The regiment was on train guard service when the battle of Pleasant Hill was fought. When Grand Ecore was reached the regiment was joined by Lieut.-Col. Wilson with a large number of recruits. From Morganza the regiment marched to the Atchafalaya, and on its return embarked for Carrollton, where Col. Connell joined the regiment, an armless sleeve at one side. After some minor movements it sailed for Alexandria, Va., from there to Washington, thence to Tennallytown, and went into camp. With the Army of the Shenandoah, it was in the battle of Winchester, losing nearly 90 in killed and wounded. In the pursuit it captured 6 of the enemy's guns in battery, a large quantity of ammunition and a number of prisoners in the battle of Fisher's Hill. At Cedar Creek, with the 4th brigade of Grover's division, it went into action as the 8th corps gave way, but being left in an exposed position, through the failure of another regiment to come up on its right, it was driven back by overwhelming numbers, stubbornly contesting its ground for over half a mile. Lieut.-Col. Wilson was severely wounded, and the command fell to Maj. Meyer. The regiment recovered itself, pressed to the front in the charge that followed, and joined in the pursuit when the tide turned. Its losses for the day were nearly 100. It was engaged in many minor movements until the end of the year; sailed in Jan. 1865, to Savannah, GA, for garrison duty; thence moved to New Berne, NC, and back to Savannah; thence to Augusta and the last of June again to Savannah, where it was mustered out July 31, 1865 Its total strength was 956.

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