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UCV Christmas Card with Veteran's Gettysburg Photo

This is a great UCV Christmas card from 1913. The photo of John A. Cox was taken at the 1913 Gettysburg reunion. The photo has Cox attired in his UCV uniform with badges and two friends. The Christmas card was signed by Cox on the back.

E.F. Cowherd, 13 Virginia Infantry - Adjutant

SOLD!!! A great CDV of Edwin Festus Cowherd, 13 Virginia Infantry. He was a lieutenant and adjutant of the 13 Virginia. Cowherd enlisted 04/17/61 and surrendered at Appomattox Court House 04/25/65. He is seated in this cdv and has an ink signed signature on the front of the cdv. The buttons are guilded. Great Confederate CDV!

Outdoor CDV of Mounted Men with sashes on horses

A wonderful outdoor cdv of two men riding horses and wearing sashes. The man to the right has a military type horse blanket on his horse. He also has grey striped military looking pants. Both men are wearing white sashes across their chests. I cannot read what is written on the sashes but something definitely is. Nice outdoor period cdvs are getting very hard to find. The backmark is G.V. Flagg, Photographer,Ovid, N.Y.

Major General W.S. Hancock wounded at Gettysburg

SOLD!!! A nice CDV of Major General W.S. Hancock, famous Union General wounded at Gettysburg. Any Gettysburg General is getting hard to find! There is no backmark.

Plainsman Seth Kinman and his chair- 2 CDVs

SOLD!!! Here is a nice grouping of two CDVs of California hunter and trapper Seth Kinman and the antler chair he presented to Abraham Lincoln. Both CDVs were taken by Matthew Brady. The first cdv has Seth Kinman in his plains garb! He is wearing buckskins and what looks like a skunk cap. He is holding a plains rifle. The second CDV is of the antler chair Kinman presented to President Lincoln on Nov. 26, 1864. These two images are sold together.

1st Mississippi Cavalry Armed 1/2 Plate Group

SOLD!!! One of the best Confederate images to come on the market in the last few years! This full standing Cinfederate soldier tintype is identified to Sgt. John Barlow, Wirt Adam's 1st Mississippi Cavalry. This wonderful half plate has Barlow standing with a fluted Colt pistol in his belt and holding a 1840 Cavalry sabre. This is a clear and sharp tintype. Also with the half plate tintype is a Mississippi cavalry ladder badge owned by Barlow and a beaded star device that was said to have been attached to the side of his hat. Call for more information.

1912 Shiloh Reunion Photos - 2nd Iowa Regiment

SOLD!!! This is a wonderful collection of seven photos of the 2nd Iowa Regiment at the 1912 Shiloh Fiftieth Anniversary, April 6 & 7. There are seven photographs. The first photograph is A group of Iowa veterans standing and sitting on the Iowa Monument at Shiloh. Most of the veterans are wearing ribbons and I can see at least one ladder badge. The photograph measures approximately 7 inches by 5 inches. On the bottom of the photograph is written "No. 81 - Reunion 2nd Iowa Regiment, Shiloh Fiftieth Anniversary, April 6 and 7, 1912 - Photo by J.P. King, Waterloo, Iowa". The second photograph is a photo postcard. It has three veterans and the one on the right has a ladder badge with four rungs.The photo is approximately 5 1/2 inches by 3 1/8 inches. The third photo has two veterans with their families sitting on the battlefield. The child on the right of the seated veteran is holding a Civil War infantry officers sword. This photo is approximately 5 inches by 4 inches. The fourth photo has the two veterans with their families standing around two Civil War cannon. On the back is written "Bloody Pond" in pencil. The photo is approximately 5 inches by 4 inches. THe fifth photo is of two veterans. The one standing has a UVL lapel pin. The seated veteran has two stars on his uniform collar. This photo is attached to a cardboard backing and the photo is approximately 7 1/4 inches by 5 1/4 inches. There is no seperate photo of this image. Let us know if you need one. The sixth photo is a photo postcard and has five Union veterans. All of the vets are wearing some sort of badges. I can see a ladder badge and a Shiloh Survivors badge! The photo is approximately 4 inches by 3 inches. The seventh photo has two veterans with their wives seated in a car like they are headed to the reunion! This photo is approximately 3 7/8 inches by 3 inches. There is no seperate photo of this picture. Let us know if you need one. Shiloh reunion stuff is extremely hard to find.

Seated Naval Civil War Officer CDV

SOLD! Another nice Naval officer CDV. This nice image has the officer seated. The backmark is "Cartes De Visite, Photographed by R.J. Chute, No. 13 Tremont Row, Boston".

Full Standing Civil War Naval Officer

SOLD! A really nice CDV of a full standing naval officer. The backmark on the photo is "Silsbee, Case & Co. Photographic Artists, 299 1/2 Washington Street, Boston."

Veteran Reserve Armed Officer missing finger

A great CDV of a Union Veteran Reserve officer! This officer is full standing armed with a sword. The interesting thing about this CDV is the officer is missing his middle finger. Obviously he must have been expressing his thoughts to the Confederates when a Confederate sharpshooter took offense!!!!! There is no backmark on this CDV.

Quincy, Illinois Outdoor Band CDV

SOLD!!! Here is a great outdoor CDV of a band in Quincy, Illinois. The band is standing in some sort of line. They might be getting their pictures taken by the photo gallery upstairs or they might be wetting their whistle at Blakes Restaurant and Oyster Saloon! You get to decide. The band members are wearing uniforms with three rows of buttons and hats with some type of plume. Most the band members are holding their instruments. The backmark is "Warner's Gallery - South West Corner 6th and Hampshire Sts. - Quincy, Illinois". Don't miss this great Illinois CDV!

Large Vermont Department Commander's Photo

SOLD!!! This is a extremely large GAR photo of a Past Vermont Department Commander. The photo is approximately 16 inches by 20 inches. The Department Commander is in an U.S. Army Colonel's uniform with three badges on his coat. The badges are the Past Department Commanders GAR badge, a Vermont state GAR badge with a Sixth Corp cross attached, and a Son's of the American Revolution badge. You can also see a presentation type sword and his eagle belt plate. The photo comes in a modern white mat that measures 18 inches by 23 3/4 inches. These portrait photographs of this size are extremely hard to find. Don't miss this one!

U.S.S. Mississippi CDV sunk by Guns at Port Hudson

SOLD!!!! A very hard to find CDV of the U.S.S. Mississippi. This sidewheeler was sunk by the Confederates at Port Hudson. In Edwin Cole Bearss "The Campaign for Vicksburg" Vol. 1, Page 683, 684 it states "Mississippi had passed the lower batteries and had entered the bend going fast, when she struck, heeling at once three streaks to port. Her engines were reversed, the giant sidewheels thrashed water, and the port battery was run in to bring the ship on an even keel. She lay there 35 minutes, replying to the enemy's fire with her starboard guns. But to no avail. Captain Smith now determined to lighten his ship - the port battery and the pivot gun were ordered thrown overboard. Before this was done, Captain Smith, observing that three batteries had registered on Mississippi and were hulling her, ordered his ship abandoned. The sick and the wounded were brought up from sick bay, and three small boats-all that remained- were employed in sending them ashore. Mississippi's engines were damaged and a fire kindled in the forward stateroom, but, before the flames had made much headway, three shots struck the ship, letting in water and extinguishing the fire. She was then fired in four places aft, and as soon as he was certain that these fires were out of control, Captain Smith and his executive officer - Lt. George Dewey- joined the crew in an open boat and floated downriver to safety. Mississippi remained aground until 3 a.m., on the 15th, when she floated free and came down the river burning fiercely. She passed through the fleet, and at 5:30 a.m. the flames reached the magazines and she was destroyed by a tremendous explosion. Of the 297-man crew, 64 were missing, of whon 25 were presumed to have lost their lives." Just think if the Confederate gunners had shot a little more accurately thy would have killed one of our Spanish American War heros - Admiral George Dewey! The U.S.S. Mississippi was also the ship that carried Commodore Perry to Japan in 1853 and opened the markets in Japan. The Mississippi was Perry's favorite vessel. She had been his flagship during the Mexican War. What a history! What a ship! What a CDV!

Army of No. Virginia Commander Edgar Taylor Photo

A great photo of Major General Edgar Taylor, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia Department, in an automobile with many Confederate flag waving young ladies. These young ladies are probably Maids of Honor at the reunion. Taylor is in his Confederate Veteran uniform. The photo is approximately 10 1/2 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

Confederate and Union Veterans at Gettysburg Photo

This is an outstanding photo of UCV and GAR veterans standing at the High Water Mark during the 1913 50th reunion of the battle of Gettysburg. There is a total of 8 veterans in this photo. At least two are Confederate veterans. The most prominate is the man in the middle of the photograph. He is wearing his UCV uniform with a hat with a CV hat piece. He is also wearing a Southern Cross of Honor, R.E. Lee Camp No. 1 badge, and the hard to find Virginia at the 1913 Gettysburg ARTILLERY badge! The other Confederate veteran is the third man from the left and he is wearing a Virginia at the 1913 Gettysburg reunion Cavalry badge. The GAR guys are wearing monument badges, GAR past officer badge, and a 6th Corp badge. Three of the GAR veterans are identified in ink on the front of the photo. Also in period ink on the front of the photo it says "High Water Mark - Gettysburg, Pa. - July 4, 1913". The photo was taken by W.H. Tipton, the premier Gettysburg photographer. The actual photo is approximately 9 inches wide by 7 1/8 inches tall. The total photo is approximately 10 inches tall by 11 3/4 inches wide. As you can see there is some damage to the cardboard backing of the photo but not the photo itself. It is very hard to find UCV photos are Gettysburg

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