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Battlefield Lookout Mountain West Side Stereoview

SOLD!!! This wonderful stereoview shows the west side of the Lookout Mountain battlefield. This photo was taken and published by J.B. Linn. It is ink identified on the back of the card.

Lookout Mountain Battlefield Stereoview

SOLD!!! This is a great J.B. Linn stereoview of the battlefield on Lookout Mountain. You can see the wreckage of war on the landscape in this photo. This great stereoview is one of J.B. Linn's "Lookout Mountain Views".

Soldiers with Canteen under Table Rock Stereoview

SOLD!!! This is one of the most outstanding stereoviews made on Lookout Mountain. This great stereoview has two soldiers under Table Rock. One soldier is holding a canteen. This is from "War Views" published by E.&H.T. Anthony & Co.

Incredible Lookout Mountain View CDV

This is an outstanding cdv of two men on Lookout Mountain with the Tennessee River in the background. This is an incredible cdv. Don't miss this one.

Lulu Falls with 3 Soldiers Lookout Mountain CDV

SOLD!!! Another wonderful Lookout Mountain CDV!! This great image has three soldiers standing at the base of Lulu Falls on Lookout Mountain. You haven't seen one of these at a Civil War show lately! This cdv was made by the photographer Bonsall. This cdv is not stamped on the back with the a backmark but I have seen the same photo with Bonsall's backmark.

Bonsall and assistant on Lookout Mountain CDV

SOLD!!! Here is a great cdv of Bonsall and his assistant photographed on Lookout Mountain. The photographer and his assistant are photographed on the dramatic rock overlooking Chattanooga and the Tennessee River. This cdv does not have a backmark but I have owned this cdv before and have a copy of an ink signed cdv with this information. This will be sent with the cdv.

Full Plate Tintype of Soldier on Lookout Mountain

SOLD!!! Incredible full plate outdoor tintype of a Union soldier on Lookout Mountain!!!! This wonderful photograph has the soldier sitting on the "rock" overlooking the Tennessee River and Chattanooga(these are not seen in the tintype). Most of the Lookout Mountain photos were sixth plates or an occasional fourth plate. This full plate is truly a scarce piece. It is framed in a period wooden frame.

Bonsall CDV of Men in Lulu River

SOLD!!! This is a great CDV of men sitting in the Lulu River on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. The backmark is "I.H. Bonsall, Photographer in 14th Army Corps, Formerly 14 West 5th St., Cincinnati, Ohio". This is one of the clearest CDVs I have ever seen. Everything is clearly focused and sharp. Bonsall traveled with the Union army taking photos. The men are likely workers for the photographers or suttlers. These won't come around very often.

Lookout Mountain Table Rock CDV

SOLD!!! Another great Lookout Mountain CDV. This great photo has a man sitting under Table Rock on Lookout Mountain. The backmark is "Taylor & Seavey, Photographers, for the Army of the Tennessee." "Table Rock Lookout Mtn" written in pencil on the back of the card.

Joseph Hooker and Staff at Chattanooga Photo

SOLD!!! Here is a great turn of the century photo of Joseph Hooker and his staff during the Chattanooga campaign. The photo has Hooker and his staff standing in front of snow covered cabins. The photo is numbered and there are three other generals in the photo. They are General John W. Geary, General Daniel Butterfield, and General Wm. LeDuc. This is a turn of the century photo copied from the Civil War albumen.

Lookout Mountain Cabinet Card

SOLD!!! This photo looks like a veteran and his wife on Umbrella rock. The photo has a "Hardie Bros. Photographers, Sunset Rock, and Point Lookout Galleries - Lookout Mountain, Tenn." backmark.

Soldier on Lookout Mountain Rock CDV

SOLD!!! Another great Lookout Mountain CDV. Here is a soldier on a rock located on Lookout Mountain. The backmark is "Morse & Peaslee, Army Photographers, Dep't of Cumberland".

Lookout Mountain/Chattanooga Civil War CDV

SOLD!!! Here is another great Lookout Mountain/Chattanooga CDV. This great Civil War CDV has Lookout Mountain in the background and has a house, tents, and boxes looking like coffins stacked in the front right. The backmark is "A.S. Morse, Photographer, Dep't of the Cumberland, Branch of Hd. Qrs., 25 Cedar Street, Nashville, Tenn.".

Chattanooga/Lookout Mountain Military Railroad CDV

SOLD!!! Here is a wonderful CDV of the Chattanooga Military Railroad Depot during the Civil War. Lookout Mountain looms in the background. The Adams Express office is on the left of the picture. There are tents and wagons with horses in the background. The backmark is "A.S. Morse, Photographer, Dep't of the Cumberland, Branch of HD.Qrs., 25 Cedar Street, Nashville, Tenn.".

Armed Wisconsin Soldiers on Lookout Mountain Photo

SOLD!!! Here is a great photo of three Wisconsin soldiers on Lookout Mountain. One of the soldiers is holding a Springfield rifle! The bottom soldier has an "x" by him and is identified in ink on the back of the cabinet card. He is identified as Edwin Pelton, Co. A, 21 Wisconsin Infantry. There are also copies of his pension papers and his wife's pension papers that come with the photograph. The photo is approximately 6 7/16 inches by 4 3/16 inches. Lookout Mountain photos are getting hard to find!

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