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General John W. Geary CDV

A Pennsylvanian by birth, John White Geary served under Winfield Scott in the Mexican War. He became an engineer and then went into politics. Geary was the first mayor of San Francisco and the territorial Governor of Kansas. In June 1861 he was made Colonel of the 28th Pennsylvania Infantry. He distinguished himself in several battles and was promoted brigadier general on April 25, 1862. He was twice wounded at Cedar Mountain and returned to duty in time to command the 2nd Division of the XII Corps at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. He transferred to the west and fought at Chattanooga and commanded the XX Corps on the March to the Sea. He was appointed military governor of Savannah. In 1866 he was elected Governor of Pennsylvania. He served two terms and died 18 days after expiration of his second term. There is no back mark on the CDV.

Photos of GAR Parade Denver, Colorado

Two photos of a GAR parade in Dever, Colorado. The first photograph says "Ladies Band G.A.R. Parade". The looks to be a GAR veteran walking in front. The second photograph has a couple of GAR veterans and Uncle Sam walking in the parade. Written on the photo is "G.A.R. Parade Denver". The photographs are approximately 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches.

GAR Vet with Uniform, Badges, & Sword Cabinet Card

SOLD!!! A neat cabinet card with a GAR veteran decked out! He is wearing his uniform, at least six badges, GAR belt buckle, and GAR sword. His kepi has GAR on it with a Post number. On top of that the photograph is identified. On the back of the cabinet card in period ink is "Uncle Eliott - father of E___ E. Chandler - he married father's sister Abbie Frederick".

Two GAR Veterans w/ lots of Badges & Cane Tintype

SOLD!!! This is a great tintype of two GAR veterans! The GAR veteran seated has lots of badges and is holding what looks like a GAR reunion cane. This is the one with U.S. Grant on the top of the cane. He is wearing several badges. It looks like an officer's badge, a corp badge, a ladder badge and several other badges. He is wearing his GAR uniform. The second man looks related and seems to be wearing a GAR lapel pin. The tintype is approximately 3 3/8 inches by 2 3/8 inches.

GAR Veteran with Membership Badge Tintype

SOLD!!! A great tintype of a Union GAR veteran. This veteran has his GAR membership badge promimently displayed on his coat lapel. The photo is approximately 3 5/8 inches by 2 3/8 inches.

NY GAR Veteran wearing a big fur hat w/ badge CDV

SOLD!!! A really neat GAR CDV! This great photograph has a GAR veteran wearing a third model GAR badge. This is the badge everybody is looking for. The veteran is wearing a corporal's uniform with a large fur hat. The backmark on this CDV is "Hardy & Van Arnum Studio, 390 River Street, Troy, N.Y. Opp. R.R> Bridge. Copies can be had at any Time.". Don't miss this one!!

GAR Veteran w/ Officer's Badge & Shield Badge CDV

A very nice CDV of a GAR veteran wearing a GAR officer's badge and a small shield badge! This great old vet has a white beard, a great hat, and two super badges! There is no backmark on this CDV.

Union Veteran wearing GAR Uniform and Badge CDV

A nice CDV of a Union Veteran wearing his three piece GAR uniform. He has his GAR membership badge attached to his vest. There is no back mark on this CDV.

1860's Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. CDV

SOLD!!! A nice CDV of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. after 1863. Work is still going on outside of the Capitol. You can see the back of George Washington's monument with trees that need to be planted. There is no backmark on the CDV.

Confederate General A.P. Hill CDV

SOLD!!! One of Lee's generals from the Army of Northern Virgina! A nice CDV of General Ambrose Powell Hill. General Hill graduated from West Point and fought in the Mexican War and against the Seminoles. He was promoted to Lt. General in the Confederate army. He was killed at Petersburg at the end of the war. There is no back mark on this CDV

1864 CDV of Fort Sumter in ruins

SOLD!!! A nice photograph of Fort Sumter in April 20, 1864 after three years of bombardment! As you can see the fort is almost rubble. You can still see the Confederate flag flying over the fort! On the back of the CDV in period ink is "Fort Sumter - April 20, '64". There is no backmark.

General Rosencran's Headquarters in Murfreesboro

SOLD!!!! A hard to find outdoor photograph of General Rosencran's headquarters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The photograph has a backmark of "Butler, Bonsall, & Co., Army Photographers".

Captured Cannons From Mission Ridge Albumen

SOLD!!!! Scarce 1800's photograph titled at bottom border "Artillery Taken From The Rebels At The Battle Of Mission Ridge" referencing the 25 November 1863 battle at Missionary Ridge, just east of Chattanooga, TN. Photo measures approximately 13" x 10.25" on a cardboard backing measuring 14.5" x 12". Photo, devoid of human figures, displays a long row of cannons receding into the background (eight visible) lined up before a pair of houses and several leafless trees. Photo has a light water stain at bottom and isolated spotting, otherwise in very good condition with a clear, crisp central image.

Wonderful CDV of Robert E. Lee's Arlington Home

This is an incredible CDV of Robert E. Lee's home in Arlington overlooking Washington. This great photo has several people walking and sitting outside. The photographer backmark is "Cross & Childs Photographers - Forts Richardson & Lyon, VA.". Written on the back in period ink is "Home of Gen. R.E. Lee Arlington Hts. Va".

Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard CDV

SOLD!!! A nice bust shot of Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard. In this nice shot of Beauregard, he has silver colored hair. There is no backmark.

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