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A Great Union Bugler CDV

A nice CDV of an Union bugler!  This image has a double gold border and the photgraphis in an oval.  The soldier is wearing a frock coat and has his bugle straped over his shoulder.  The frock coat would indicate an infantry regiment.  There is no backmark.

2nd Indiana Cavalry Identified CDV

A nice CDV of Elijah W. Rigdon of Company C, 2nd Indiana Cavalry.  The image has Rigdon in a full standing pose.  He is wearing a civilian coat but pants and boots are definitely uniform.  THe CDV is ink signed "E.W.Rigdon" on the back of the carte.  The backmark is "The Union Forever!  Union Picture Gallery, Warsaw, Ind. - E.G. Burgess.".  The 2nd Indiana Cavalry was all over the West.  The battles of Pea Ridge, Corinth, Perryville, Middle Tennessee, and Atlanta were only part of this regiments action.

GAR Cabinet Card with105th Illinois Ladder Badge

A great cabinet card of an Union veteran wearing a ladder badge and a GAR lapel pin.  You can only see what is on the first two rungs of the ladder badge - "Co. B - 105".  The cabinet card was photographed by Hartley - 309 Madison St. - Chicago.

Charleston, SC Civil War CDV of East Bay Street


A wonderful photograph of East Bay Street in Civil War Charleston, South Carolina.  The backmark was "Quinby & Co., Artists, Charleston, S.C." but someone scratched the Quinby out but you can still see it.

South Bay Street, Charleston, SC Civil War CDV


A great photograph of South Bay Street in Charleston, South Carolina.  The backmark is "H.O. Foster, Photographer, Charleston, S.C.".

Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman CDV

A very nice, clean CDV of Confederate General Lloyd Tilghman who was killed at Champion Hill, Mississippi.  This great CDV has Tilghman in a full standing pose holding his sword.  The backmark is E. & H.T. Anthony, 501 Broadway, New York.

General Stephen D. Lee & Gen. Thomas Waul at Vicksburg 1901


A great photograph of General Stephen D. Lee and General Thomas N. Waul at the Vicksburg Park Commision meeting in December, 1901.  The photograph has the two standing next to each other.  Lee is wearing his UCV lapel badge.  Written on the back of the photograph in pencil is "Gen. Lee & Wall - Dec. 11th, 1901".  General Waul was best known for "Waul's Texas Legion".  General Lee fought in both the Eastern and Western theatres of war but the last half of the war was in the Western theatre.  He fought at Vicksburg, Atlanta, and Nashville.  The photograph is approximately 4 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

General J.E.B. Stuart with Maryland Backmark


A great CDV of Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart.  In this image he is seated and you can see his sword, hat, sash, and his boots.  This is a very clear photograph of General Stuart and has a Brendann Bros., 207 Baltimore St. backmark.  The Brendann Brothers were very noted Baltimore, Maryland photographers. 

Carver Barracks, Washington, D.C. Civil War Cabinet Card


A great cabinet card of Carver Barracks, Wahsington, D.C.  The image is a copy of a line drawing with the barracks surrounding a United States flag.  Written on the bottom of the photograph is "Carver Barracks, Meridian Hill, Washington, D.C. - 1st Brigade, Casey's Division, U.S. Army, W.H.H. Davis, Col. 104 PA Vols Commanding Brigade - 11 Maine Inf. John C. Caldwell, Colonel - 104 Pennsylv" Regt. - Col W.W.H. Davis  - 56 N.Y. State Vols, Col. C.H. Van Wyck - 52 Penn Volunteers - Col. John C. Dodge, Jr.".  The image has a photographers mark of H. Osterhout, Main Street, Middleton, N.Y.

An Identified Indian War Marine CDV!


This great CDV is of Sergeant Cassiens of the United States Marine Corps.  This image has a chest up view of Sgt. Cassiens.  He is wearing his kepi with the Marine emblem on it.  The image was photographed by L.W. Cook, Photographer, 145 Tremont Street, and 367 Washington Street, Boston as noted on the back.  Early Marines are super hard images to find.

Douglass Falls, Ohio Veteran Wearing Post Badge & Ohio State Medal Cabinet Card

A nice cabinet card of an Ohio veteran wearing his Dan Brown Post badge, an Ohio state Civil War medal, and two smaller GAR badges.  The photo was taken by the Zanesville Art Co., 130 Main Street, Zanesville, Ohio as noted on the card.  THe edges of the card has some bumps and bruises but this does not intrude upon the quality of the photograph. 

Major R. Wilson and the 11th North Carolina and 1st Sharpshooters Flag Cabinet Card

An outstanding cabinet card of Major Reuben E. Wilson and the flag of the Yadkin Gray Eagles, 11th North Carolina Infantry and Co. A, 1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters!  Yes, the Major is an amputee!  He lost his leg April 2, 1865 at Petersburg in a charge.  A shell cut off his left leg.  There are not many photographs of Confederate battle flags. 
The Yadkin Gray Eagles were the first company raised in Yadkin County, North Carolina.  Upon their arrival in Virginia, the company was mustered into Confederate service as Company B, 11th Regiment North Carolina Volunteers, later the 21st Regiment North Carolina State Troops.
At the reorganization of the Confederate army at Manassass in February 1862, Companies B and E were detatched from the regiment and redesignated Companies A and B, 1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters.Lt. Reuben E. Wilson of Company B was promoted to Captain on the company.  When the battalion commander was promoted to regimental command, Wilson was promoted to major and given command of the battalion.
This battalion was an active participant in nearly every battle fought by the Army of Northern Virginia, from Manassas to Appomattox, and because of what was called their "peculiar and efficient drill", engaged in many skirmishes in which the main army did not participate.
The above flag was presented to the Yadkin Gray Eagles upon their departure for Virginia.  It was made from the silk dresses of the young ladies of the county and presented to the company by Miss Lou Glen, later Mrs. Joseph Williams.  The captain, in receiving it on behalf of the company, closed his speach with these words:
"When this cruel war is over, Miss Lou,
This flag untarnished shall be returned to you."
This is perhaps the only Confederate company flag that was carried through twenty-six battles, from Manassas to Appomattox, through the war and returned "untarnished," to its donors.  In 1898, the daughter of Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Robert Daniels, was the guardian of the flag.  THe flag was later presented to the state of North Carolina.
On August 9, 1862, in a charge against the enemy near Warrenton, Va., Major Wilson was severly wounded when a minie ball broke both bones of the right forearm.  At the same time, his left leg was shattered below the knee ba a grape-shot, which disabled him for several months.  On April 2, 1865, in a charge at Petersburg, he was again wounded, his left leg cut off by a shell.  He was hospitalized, paroled on April 21, rearrested, and taken to Libby Prison, where he remained until December 20, 1865.
When life returned to normal, Major Wilson ran a successful mercantile business in Augusta, Georgia.
This photograph is a post-war picture of Major WIlson flanked by the flag of his company, the Yadkin Gray Eagles.
This information came from "The Flags of CIvil War North Carolina" by Glenn Dedmondt and the "Confederate Veteran" magazine.
The photograph was taken by Farrell & Edwards, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  A corner of the card is missing but this does not hurt the actual photograph.

Wonderful Confederate Officer CDV

This is a beautiful image of a Confederate officer.  This wonderful image is as clear as it gets!  You can feel the stare of this steely eyed Confederate.  The photograph almost goes to the waist and you can see two stripes on the collar.  There is no backmark. 

26th Ohio Infantry Battle Flags Cabinet Card

A wonderful photograph of the battle flags of the 26th Ohio Infantry!  This is one of the neatest "flags" photographs I have ever seen.  Please notice the rifles, drums, and 26th O.V.V.I. sign in front of the flags!

139th Pennsylvania Infantry KIA Identified Officer


A very nice CDV of Lt. Charles Long of the 139th Pennsylvania Infantry.  A great three quarter pose of an officer holding a sword identified to a unit listed in the top 300 fighting regiments!  The Civil War Database says Long was died of his wounds on August 6, 1864.  It doesn't say where he was wounded but in July it moved to Washington with the 6th corps to confront Gen. Early, and after Gen. Sheridan assumed command of the forces, it took an honor-able part in the victories achieved at the Opequan, Fisher's hill, and Cedar creek.  I think it is safe to say he was wounded in one of those battles.  The CDV has a Pittsburg, PA backmark and Long is buried in Pittsburg.

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