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18th Louisiana Infantry - Crescent Regiment Identified CDV

A nice CDV of W.M. Rothery, 18th Louisiana Infantry, Company B and the Crescent Regiment, Company C.† The image is a post war image.† Written on the back in pencil is "Crescent Regt La Vols - Shiloh April / 62 - W.M. Rothery".† Rothery is listed in Civil War Data and in Booth's "Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Commands".† A nice post war image of a hard to find western unit!

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Confederate Soldier CDV

A hard to find CDV of a Confederate soldier.† A defiant look is on the face of this rebel!† The image is somewhat faint.† There is no backmark on the image.

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Confederate Cavalry Soldier CDV

A geat image of a Confederate cavalry soldier holding two pistols. The pistols have short barrels and what looks like fluted cylinders. I have owned this image for 12 years and had it in my collection. There is no backmark. This one will go fast!

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General George Thomas (Tige) Anderson CDV

A hard to find Confederate general! General George Thomas "Tige" Anderson fought in the Mexican War and then was commisioned into the US regular Army in 1855. He resign after Georgia succeeded and became Colonel of the 11th Georgia Infantry. He acted as brigade commander during the battles of the Seven Days, at Second Manassas, and at Sharpsburg. He was appointed brigadier general on November 1, 1862. He was at Fredericksburg, and followed the fortunes of Longstreet's corp in the Suffolk expedition. He was severely wounded at Gettysburg but was back in command at Chickamauga, Knoxvile, and the Virginia campaign of 1864. His brigade was attached to General Charles W. Field's division at Appomttox. There is no backmark on the image.

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Fort McAlistar, Savannah, Georgia CDV

A great outdoor CDV of Fort McAlistar in Savannah, Georgia. A 32 pound cannon is pointing out to sea. A man stands behind the cannon. The CDV has a Sam Cooley, 10th Army Corp, Beaufort, S.C. backmark. Savannah, Georgia CDVs are getting very hard to find.

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Norfolk, Virginia Naval Cannon Albumen

A wonderful albumen of a naval gun in a fort surrounding Norfolk, Virginia. This photo was taken by a Southern photographer. The backmark says "Photographed by Kimberly Bros., Norfolk, Va.". It is very hard to find large photographs taken by Southern photographers. The card is approximately 10 inches by 8 inches. The actual photgraph is approximately 7 3/8 inches by 5 3/16 inches.

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Price: $350.00 USD

Hartford, Connecticut State Capitol Photo

An early photograph of the Hartford, Connecticut state capitol. The photo measures approximately 4 1/2 inches by 3 3/16 inches. Great early state capitol photograph.

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General Benjamin "Spoons" Butler CDV

A nice CDV of General Benjamin Butler after the war. He made so much money taking silver when he was military governor of New Orleans, he became the governor of Massachusetts after the war and then went on to Washington. The photographer was C.D. Fredericks, New York, Habana, Paris.

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General Hunter's Headquarters Hilton Head Photo

A wonderful photograph of General Hunter's headquarters on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. This photograph is attributed to Sam Cooley, photographer. The photo is approximately 3 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches.

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Price: $250.00 USD

Civil War Period Photograph of Blandford Church

A very nice photograph of Blandford Church. I believe this is in from around Petersburg, VA. A man is sitting in the front of the church. The size of the photograph is approximately 4 3/8 inches by 4 1/8 inches. This is an unusual size period Civil War photograph. Written on the front is "Beaufort Church" and is a misidentification. I found this information on the web. ∑ "Old Blandford Church," of which a view is here presented, is a great object of interest to all visitors; the cemetery surrounding it having monuments erected one hundred and fifty years ago. The walls of the main body of the building are of English brick, imported from the mother country. The services of the Episcopal Church were first performed in 1735, and continued to be read until 1825, nearly a century. Since that time, owing to the movement of the inhabitants of Blandford to the present site of Petersburg, the church has not been used, although the cemetery, now much enlarged, still continues to be the general depository of the dead. The ivy-covered walls now stand as a historic monument of what was formerly the aristocratic portion of the city. In the cemetery the stranger is not only shown the almost obliterated slab beneath which rests the remains of General Phillips, who died May, 1781, during the war of independence, but also the monument, erected to the memory of the brave volunteers from the "Cockade City," who left houses and friends in the war of 1812. The greater space, however, has been allotted during the last four years to the graves of "Our Soldiers," these words being cut on a simple wooden cross, to mark the resting place of the Confederate dead. A somewhat eccentric sexton, whose father before him performed the same duties, is generally on the spot to enlighten visitors in regard to the history of the church, and is apparently much pleased to do so from the manner in which he enters upon his oft-repeated narrative. During the siege the edifice and its surroundings suffered but little damage from shot or shell, although the position was in front of the point of attack at the time of the explosion of the mine on the 30th July, 1864."

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CDV of the Bridge at Bull Run Battlefield

A really neat CDV of the bridge over Bull Run. Across this little stream that was destined to mark the center of the first, and in many respects the most desperate, battle of the Civil War, we see what was left of the bridge after the day had ended in a Federal route. During the route, the little bridge groaned with the weight of the men struggling to get across it. Finally, in frantic haste, it was destroyed by the Federals to delay the dreaded pursuit. Here Federal engineers are rebuilding the bridge to supply the Union army thirty miles south of Washington. Great CDV!

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Outdoor CDV of Man on Horse with Dog

A neat photo of a Civil War period man on a horse with his dog. A nice outdoor CDV. there is no backmark.

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Price: $100.00 USD

Armed Civil War Infantry Soldier CDV

A nice but faded CDV of an armed Civil War soldier. He holds his rifle and has a cap box, oval tinted plate, and bayonet. There is no plate on the cartridge box strap. He is wearing a shell jacket but I can't tell which side he is on!

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Price: $110.00 USD

Confederate General Thomas H. Taylor

A nice CDV of General Thomas H. Taylor. One of the Confederacy's Western generals. He fought in Kentucky, Vicksburg, Louisiana, and Mobile. The back mark is "Fisher & Denison, Publishers and Stationers, No. 64 Baltimore St. Baltimore". On the front of the CDV is written in period ink " Gen. Dick Taylor". This is misidentified. This photo is clearly of Thomas Taylor not Dick Taylor. It is hard to find Maryland back marks on Confederate general CDVs.

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Libbey Prison with Tents and People CDV

A great CDV of Libbey Prison with military tents outside and civilians with a horse. This photo was taken in 1863 and is one of the few Confederate outdoor photogrphic shots. The CDV has a Chas. H. Schwamb, Annapolis, Md. backmark. On the back is written in ink "Libby Prison - Richmond - For Johney - Keep it clean". A really great CDV with a Maryland backmark.

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