United Confederate Veteran
State Badges
Winnie Davis, the Daughter of the Confederacy, Rossette

Offered is a beautiful Winnie Davis rosette.  The center has a likeness of Winnie Davis.  This has beautiful color.  The center pin is surrounded by a red ring and a brass attachment.  A red and white ribbon around the brass completes the rosettes.  This rosette is approximately 3 inches wide.

Varina Anne “Winnie” Davis was born into a war-torn South in June of 1864, the youngest daughter of Confederate president Jefferson Davis and his second wife, Varina Howell Davis. Born only a month after the death of beloved Confederate hero general J.E.B. Stuart during a string of Confederate victories, Winnie’s birth was hailed as a blessing by war-weary Southerners. They felt her arrival was a good omen signifying future victory. But after the Confederacy’s ultimate defeat in the Civil War, Winnie would spend her early life as a genteel refugee and an expatriate abroad.    After returning to the South from German boarding school, Winnie was christened the “Daughter of the Confederacy” in 1886. This role was bestowed upon her by a Southern culture trying to sublimate its war losses. Particularly idolized by Confederate veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Winnie became an icon of the Lost Cause, eclipsing even her father Jefferson in popularity. 

Davis, Varina Anne, United Daughters of the Confederacy.jpg

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Unveiling of Gilmor Monument 1887 Baltimore, Maryland Ribbon

A very hard to find ribbon worn by Confederate veterans at the Unveiling of the Gilmor Monument at Loudon Park, Baltimore, Maryland.  The ribbon has the likeness of the Gilmore monument on it.  Written on the ribbon in red ink is "Confederate Memorial Day - Unveiling GILMOR MONUMENT - Loudon Park, Monday, June 6, 1887, 3:30 P.M. - Ford's Grand Opera House, 8 P.M.".  The ribbon is approximately 6 5/8 inches by 2 3/8 inches.  There are two stains on the ribbon.  One is at the top of the ribbon and the second is on the bottom of the ribbon.

Harry Gilmor grave site at Loudon Park Cemeteries "Confederate Hill". Gilmor is buried along with 700-800 former Rebels. Many of the dead were the wounded who died in Baltimore hospitals. In the decades following the war Veterans wishing to be buried with fallen comrades where buried on "Confederate Hill" into the 1900's.

Harry Gilmor was born January 24, 1838 at "Glen Ellen", the family estate in Baltimore County, Maryland. After homesteading in Wisconsin and Nebraska, he returned to Maryland in time to join the newly formed Baltimore County Horse Guards as a corporal.

After the efforts of the citizens of Baltimore to prevent the movement of Federal troops through the city, the Horse Guards received orders to burn several bridges north of the city to prevent further troop movements toward Washington City.

Following the occupation of Baltimore by Federal troops under Brigadier General Benjamin "Beast" Butler, Gilmor was one of many to be arrested and imprisoned in Fort McHenry. After his release, he traveled South and joined the command of Colonel Turner Ashby on August 31, 1861.

In March 1862, he was commissioned Captain of Company F, Twelfth Virginia Cavalry. Captain Gilmor served throughout the Valley Campaign. At times, he was on special assignment to General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson.

He was arrested during the Sharpsburg Campaign, while in the Baltimore area visiting family. He spent five months in prison.

He participated in the Battle of Brandy Station and was sighted in the after action reports of General Fitzhugh Lee and General J.E.B. Stuart for his conduct in this engagement.

On May 27, 1863, he was promoted to the rank of Major and asked to raise an independent battalion of cavalry. Before he could complete this assignment, the Gettysburg campaign interceded. During the battle, Major Gilmor was assigned command of the First and Second Maryland Cavalry, under General George Steuart's infantry brigade. Major Gilmor was the Provost Marshal of the town of Gettysburg while it was occupied.

Gilmor had organized six companies of partisan rangers by September of 1863. His command's area of operation was the Shenandoah Valley and parts of "West" Virginia. General J.E.B. Stuart ordered Gilmor to attack the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in February of 1864.

After the defeat of Major General Lew Wallace at Monocacy on July 9, 1864, Gilmor's command acted as the spearhead for the raid around Baltimore in 1864 with General Bradley T. Johnson's infantry command.

While assigned to scout duty under General Jubal Early, Colonel Gilmor single-handedly captured a company of Federal infantry. Gilmor and Holmes Conrad, a man under his command, later captured more than 50 troopers from the First New Jersey Cavalry.

Colonel Gilmor was ordered by General Early to take his command to Hardy County, West Virginia. He was to combine with other partisans in the area and attack the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Colonel Gilmor was finally captured in Hardy County, on February 4, 1865. He remained a prisoner at Fort Warren until July 24, 1865.

For several years after the war, Harry Gilmor lived in New Orleans, where he married Miss Mentoria Strong. Upon his return to Maryland, he was elected colonel of cavalry in the Maryland National Guard. He also served as Baltimore City Police Commissioner from 1874 to 1879. He was a member of the Society of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States in Maryland and it's Vice-President in 1882.

Harry Gilmor died in Baltimore on March 4, 1883 at the age of forty-five. He was interred on "Confederate Hill" in Loudon Park Cemetery. To this day, people gather at his graveside on the anniversary of his birth to honor his life long service to his country.

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Richmond Light Infantry Blues - 46th Virginia Infantry Membership Enameled Pin

Offered is a nice example of the Richmond Light Infantry membership enameled pin.  The badge has a Richmond Light Infantry Blues soldier holding a rifle in the middle of the pin.  An oval of blue enamel circles the soldier with “Richmond Light Infantry Blues – 1789” written on it.  The pin is approximately ½ inches wide and ¾ inches tall. 

Before the American Revolution, the city of Richmond raised a group of soldiers for protection, which was called into service in the Continental Army under the command of General George Washington . After the war ended, the Richmond Light Infantry Company returned to Richmond, marching in public parade shortly after their return. This display wasn’t met with great enthusiasm from the people, largely due to the Company wearing a traditional red uniform which bore a resemblance to the uniforms worn by the British Army at the time. Following this, the Company elected to change the color of their uniform to blue, and as such, the Richmond Light Infantry Blues was formed in 1789.

The Blues entered active service again for the War of 1812 in order to repel British forces as they pushed into Virginia, not seeing combat as the war ended before the British forces reached Richmond. Several decades later they were called to service again during the American Civil War as part of the 46th Virginia Infantry. The Blues participated as part of the Army of Occupation in Cuba during the Spanish American War, as well as serving during the Mexican Border Campaign in 1900. The Blues were reorganized for service in the 1st World War as part of the 104th Ammunition Train, seeing combat in France at the battles of Alsace and the Meuse and the Argonne. Members of the Blues then went on to serve in World War 2, as well as the Global War on Terror.

Due to a reorganization of the Virginia Army National Guard, the Blues were stood down in the year 1968, remaining dormant until December of 2016, where they were reestablished.

Battles, Skirmishes and Engagements

  • Roanoke Island (February 8, 1862)
  • Yorktown Siege (April-May 1862)
  • Williamsburg (May 5, 1862)
  • Seven Days Battles (June 25-July 1, 1862)
  • Williamsburg [skirmish] (March 29, 1863)
  • Pamunkey River, near West Point, Virginia (April 16, 1863)
  • Charleston Harbor (August-September 1863)
  • Drewry's Bluff (May 16, 1864)
  • Bermuda Hundred (May 17-June 14, 1864)
  • Petersburg (June 9, 1864)
  • Petersburg Siege (June 1864-April 1865)
  • Sayler's Creek (April 6, 1865)
  • Appomattox Court House (April 9, 1865)

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1891 Washington Artillery Ribbon

A very nice ribbon worn by members of the famed Washington Artillery of Civil War fame.  The ribbon is a beige color Written in black ink on the ribbon is "WASHINGTON ARTILLERY. - NEW ORLEANS _ Feb. 10th, '91.".  The likeness of the Washington Artillery badge is in the center of the ribbon.  Written on the badge likeness is "VETERAN _ WASHINGTON ARTILLERY".  The ribbon is approximately 6 3/4 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.  The ribbon is in very nice condition.

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9 Georgia Light Artillery IDED Badge with Cannon

A wonderful badge identified to William Rudolph McEntire of the 9th Georgia Light Artillery Battalion is now available.  The badge has a brass metal oval holder which has a celluloid pin in te middle.  The celluloid pin has a wonderful cannon likeness in the middle and has "Co. A, 9th GA. Battalion of Artillery Association - Compliments of Lieut. W.R. McEntire" written on it.  A red, white, and red ribbon is attached to the hanger.  A small cannon drop is attached to the ribbon.  The badge is approximately 5 1/8 inches long and approximately 1 3/4 inches wide at it's widest point.  The badge was made by the Whitehead & Hoag Company of Newark, New Jersey.  Lt. McEntire was captured at Knoxville, Tennessee in September, 1863 and was confined at Johnson's Island, Ohio prison of war camp.

Personnel Directory
Generals Directory
Soldier Report List
William Rudolph McEntire

Residence Atlanta GA; a 23 year-old Merchant.

Enlisted on 2/27/1862 at Atlanta, GA as a Private.

On 2/27/1862 he mustered into "A" Co. GA 9th Battn Light Artillery 
(date and method of discharge not given)

He was listed as:
* POW 9/7/1863 Knoxville, TN
* Confined 9/20/1863 Johnson's Island, OH (Estimated date)
* Oath Allegiance 6/12/1865 Johnson's Island, OH (Released)

* 2nd Lieut 5/15/1862 

Other Information:
born 1/6/1839 in Buncombe County, NC
died 6/22/1920 in Dallas, TX

(Parents:  Bevil & Elizabeth Wells McEntire.  Married 
 Missie Carmelar Burnett Nov. 23, 1865)

After the War he lived in Dallas, TX

Sources used by Historical Data Systems, Inc.:

 - Index to Compiled Confederate Military Service Records
 - Confederate Veteran Magazine
 - Photo from Confederate Veteran Magazine
(c) Historical Data Systems, Inc. @ www.civilwardata.com

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1909 North Carolina U.C.V. Reunion Badge - Charlotte, N.C.

A nice badge worn by Confederate veterans at the 1909 United Confederate Veterans North Carolina state reunion held in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The badge has a round celluloid pin back with a waving Confederate battle flag.  The pin back is approximately 1 1/4 inches wide.  Attached to the pin back are a red and white ribbon.  Written on the red ribbon is "REUNION, N.C. Div. , U.C.V.".  Written on the with ribbon is "CHARLOTTE - Aug. 25 - 26, 1909".  The ribbon are approximately 3 1/4 inches long.  The badge was made by the Keystone Badge Company - Reading, Pennsylvania as noted in the back of the pin back.

Price: $250.00 USD (Sale Pending)

32nd Grand Camp of Virginia Delegate - Harrisonburg, Virginia Ribbon

A neat ribbon worn by a Confederate veteran as a Delegate at the 32nd reunion of the Grand Camp of Virginia held in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  This is a hard to find "DELEGATE" ribbon.  The ribbon is red with black printing.  Written on the ribbon is "Grand Camp of Virginia - 32nd Reunion - DELEGATE - Harrisonburg, Va.".  The ribbon is approximately 6 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  The Grand Camp of Virginia was the Confederate veterans state reunion organization.  While the Grand Camp associated with the United Confederate Veterans, they continued their own organization with their own reunions.  There is a hole in the ribbon on the upper part of the "E" in "Delegate".

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32 Reunion, Grand Camp of Virginia, Harrisonburg, Virginia Ribbon

A hard to find ribbon from the 32nd reunion of the Grand Camp of Virginia held in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  The ribbon is white with black printing.  Written on the ribbon is "Grand Camp of Virginia - 32nd Reunion - Harrisonburg, Va.".  The ribbon is approximately 7 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  The Grand Camp of Virginia was the Confederate veterans state reunion organization.  While the Grand Camp associated with the United Confederate Veterans, they continued their own organization with their own reunions.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $185.00 USD

14 kt. Gold North Carolina Presentation U.C.V. Badge

Truly a one of a kind, United Confederate Veterans gold badge the rarely come on the market in todays market!  This beautiful 14 KT. gold badge was presented to the Adjutant of the Charlotte, North Carolina Mecklenberg Camp No. 382 in 1932.  The badge is in it's orginal box and was made by Garibaldi & Bruns Leading Jewelers, Charlotte, N.C. as noted on the box.  Also on the box is written in brown ink "Julia M. Alexander Adjutant of Mecklenberg Camp - Confederate Veterans-".  The 14kt. gold badge is in the shape of a cross.  Engraved on the badge is "Presented to Our Adjutant Miss Julia M. Alexander By Mecklenberg Camp 382 U.C.V.".  On the back of the badge is engraved "Jan. 19th, 1932".  Julia M. Alexander's image is in Volume 10, page 511 of "Confederate Veteran" magazine.  By 1932 the remaining veterans did not want to keep the records necessary to keep the camp open.  Most recruited someone to keep the minutes and manage the work of the camp.  Julia M. Alexander was a Maid of Honor for the U.S.C.T. in 1902 for the state of North Carolina.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $1,495.00 USD

1901 Columbia, South Carolina UCV State Reunion Ribbon

A nice ribbon from the 1901 South Carolina United Confederate Veteran state reunion held in May 1901.  The red ribbon is approximately 7 inches by 1 1/2 inches.  Written on the ribbon is "SOUTH CAROLINA - State Reunion - U.C.V. - Columbia, S.C. - May 8-10, 1901".  A nice ribbon from a hard to find reunion.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $280.00 USD

1907 UCV Missouri Division at the National Reunion Badge

A nice badge worn by members of the Missouri Division at the 1907 United Confederate Veterans national reunion held in Richmond, Virginia.  The badge has a large celluloid pinback for the hanger.  THe pinback is approximately 1 3/4 inches wide.  Three Confederate flags are in the center of the pinback.  Surrounding the flags is written "Missouri Division U.C.V. Reunion Richmond, VA. 1907.".  A red, white, and red ribbon is attached to the pinback.  Impressed on the ribbon is "Missouri Division - U.C.V> Reunion Richmond, VA. - 1907".  The badge is approximately 6 3/8 inches by 2 inches.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $335.00 USD

Mississippi UCV Camp at 1896 Richmond Reunion RIbbon

An extremely hard to find ribbon worn by members of Camp No. 32, Vicksburg, Mississippi at the 1896 United Confederate Veteran's reunion held in Richmond, Virginia.  The ribbon is a faint light blue color with "Mississippi - Camp No. 32. - Sixth Annual Reunion Confederate Veterans - Richmond, Va. - 1896" written on the ribbon.  The ribbon is approxiamtely 7 inches long and 2 1/4 inches.  According to the "List of Organized Camps of the United Confederate Veterans", Camp No. 32 is Vicksburg, Mississippi and it's commander was D.N. Hebron. 

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $365.00 USD

1911 Chattanooga Pinback promoting UCV National Reunion

An interesting pinback given out at the 1909 or 1910 United Confederate Veterans reunion to promote having the 1911 UCV National reunion in Chattanooga.  The pinback is approximately 1 3/4 inches wide.  A Confederate battle flag is in the middle of the pinback with the word "Chattanooga" above the flag and "1911" below the flag. 
We also have a corresponding program presented with this badge but it is not on the web site yet.  This is not included in this sale.  Please call for a group price.  There is no paper label in the back of the pinback so we do not know who made the badge.

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $225.00 USD

UCV Winchester, Tennessee Ribbon with John B. Gordon

A really neat and hard to find ribbon from a Tennessee Division United Confederate Veterans reunion held in Winchester, Tennessee.  This ribbon has a likeness of General John B. Gordon on it.  Also written on the ribbon is "J.B. Gordon, General Commander.  RE-UNION of Confederate Veterans, Tennessee Division, Winchester, Tenn. - September 9th ....".  Unfortunately the ribbon was trimmed and the date of the reunion has disappeared.  It is still a hard to find and neat ribbon!

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $225.00 USD

18th Tennessee Infantry CSA Ribbon

A wonderful and hard to find ribbon from the 18th Tennessee Infantry CSA.  The 18th Tennessee was a hard fighting western unit that was in the Army of the Tennessee.  The ribbon is approximately 6 1/2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide.  Written on the ribbon is "18th Tenn., Company C.".  These Confederate unit ribbons are hard to find!

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