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Plares, Belts and Swords of the GAR & SUV of the Civil War

A great Grand Army of the Republic reference book on sword belt plates, belts, and swords of the GAR and SUV.† Doug Roussin has been working on this book for several years and it has just been released last week.† Everybody wants more information on GAR items and this is the book you need for your library.

Organized Camps of the United Confederate Veterans

One of the first copies of George Kane's book "Organized Camps of the United Confederate Veterans". George took the 1920s list of UCV camps that were listed by number and has put that list in his book and then he has listed the camps by state! If you have ever had to research a camp by it's number you know how great it is to look at the camps by state and not by number. If you collect United Confederate Veterans, this is one book you need in your library.

List of Organized Camps of the UCV

This reference work is getting hard to find. This great book will let you identify any UCV camp by the number of the camp. How many times have you had that badge with a number on it and didn't know where it was from? This book will take care of that problem!

Organized Camps of the United Confederate Veteran

This is the newest reunion book to hit the market on the United Confederate Veterans! Only the author and The Veteran's Attic are currently offering this book. This great reference book was compiled by George Kane, noted GAR and UCV collector and editor of "The Veteran" magazine. "The Veteran" is the publication of the Civil War Veterans Historical Association. In George's new book, "Organized Camps of the United Confederate Veterans", he has a list of all the UCV camps by number and then by state! How many times have you had to read all the camps to find a particular camp? Now you can go to the state and find it easily! Also in the book are a list of the National Encampments, National Commanders-in-Chiefs, information on the Grand Camp Confederate Veterans of Virginia, Association of Confederate Soldiers, Tennessee Division, and a Roster of Association of Confederate Soldiers (TN). There are several photos of badges and adds in black and white and in color. If you are serious about the United Confederate Veterans, you need this book!

My Reminiscences of the G.A.R.

SOLD!!! A wonderful little book of one veterans rememberances of his time iin the G.A.R. The book is titled "My Reminiscences of the G.A.R.' by Richard O. Partington. This is a paper back book printed in 2004.

Pictures of Co. B, Conf. Veterans of Nashville, TN

SOLD!!! "Biographical Sketches and Pictures of Company B, Confederate Veterans of Nashville, Tenn." initially published in 1902. This is the 1974 reprint copy of this great book. This great book has great Confederate veteran photos and sketches of thier Civil War history.

Civil War Veteran's Organizations, Reunions, and B

"Civil War Veteran's Organizations, Reunions, and badges" written by Turner Kirkland. This was one of the early works on reunion badges. These are getting hard to find and I only have one.

Union C.W. Veteran's Organizations in Maryland

"Union Civil War Veteran's Organizations in Maryland" written by Daniel Carroll Toomey. This is an outstanding book with information on the organizations and badges from Union veteran's organizations in the state of Maryland. Wonderful photos and information!

The 75th Reunion at Gettysburg


"The 75th Reunion at Gettysburg - My Interviews with the Veterans" written by Charles Albert Earp. This is a great book with photos of veterans and the badges from the 1938 75th Gettysburg anniversary. If you like Gettysburg, you will enjoy this book.

GAR National & Encampment Badges

"Membership and National Encampment Badges of the Grand Army of the Republic 1866 - 1949" by Kenneth R. Johnson and Jeffery B. Floyd. This is the book on GAR National and Membership badges. If you don't have it, you need it!!!

The Southern Cross: Historical Notes

"The Southern Cross: Historical Notes and Trial List of Varieties" by Peter Bertram. This book just was released on August 9, 2003. It has everything you need to know about Southern Crosses. There are very few reference books on reunion items! If you collect UCV, you need this book.

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