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South Carolina Pinback

SOLD!!! A nice pinback issued commerating the state of South Carolina. The pin is approximately 7/8 inches wide. The pin was made by Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, NJ in 1896.

Illinois State Pinback

SOLD!!! A nice pinback issued commerating the state of Illinois. The pin is approximately 7/8 inches wide. The pin was made by Whitehead & Hoag Co., Newark, NJ.

1907 UCV Richmond, VA DELEGATE Pinback

A wonderful pinback worn by a delegate at the 1907 Richmond, VA United Confederate Veteran national reunion. The pin back is approximately 1 3/4 inches wide. The pin back is red/white/red on the front. Written on the pin back is "U.C.V. Reunion - Richmond, Va - DELEGATE - May 30 and 31, June 1,2,3, 1907". The pin back was made by Erhman Mrg. Co. - Boston, Mass.

Julian S. Carr UCV Large Pinback - Durham. NC

SOLD!!! A nice pin back from the R.F. Webb, Camp No. 818, Durham, North Carolina! The pin back has Julian S. Carr, the Durham, North Carolina veteran who was Commander in Chief of the United COnfederate Veterans. Written on the large pin back is "First at Bethal - Foremost at Gettysburg - Last at Appomattox - 1861 - 1865 - Compliments R.F. Webb, Camp 818, Durham, N.C. - North Carolina Tried and True Friend of the Old Confederate Soldier". The pin back is approximately 1 3/4 inches wide. There is a crack in the pin back over Carr's head.

1921 Charlottesville, VA Celluloid Badge


A really great badge from the 1921 Charlottesville, Virginia Confederate reunion. The hanger on this badge is an oval with an orange ring and "U.C.V." written on the hanger. The drop is made of celluloid and has crossed Confederate battle flags and Stonewall Jackson's monument. Written on the front of the drop is "Annual Encampment - Dept. of Virginia - Charlottesville, 1921". The flip side of the celluloid drop is a calendar for 1922. Most of these badges were used as calendars so you don't see a complete badge very often.

1901 Springfield, MO Conf. Monument Unveiling Cell

A wonderful celluloid badge from the 1901 Confederate Monument Unveiling in Springfield, Missouri. The badge is approximately 2 1/8 inches wide. On the fron of the badge is a Confederate monument and a battle flag. Written on the badge is "Confederate Monument Unveiling, Springfield, MO. - Aug. 8 - 10, 1901". On the back of this badge is a great likeness of Major General Sterling Price. You don't have a chance at a badge like this very often!

1921 UCV Chattanooga Delegate Pinback

A wonderful pinback from the 1921 UCV reunion held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The pinback is approximately 1 3/4 inches wide. Written on the pinback is "Chattanooga, October 25-27, 1921 - DELEGATE - U.C.V.". The pinback was made by J. Earl Rogers, New Orleans.

United Confederate Veteran Pinback


A really neat pinback worn at Confederate veteran reunions. The pinback is approximately 1 1/2 inches wide. On the pinback it says "The Glory They Won Shall Not Wane For Us". This pinback was worn by a son or daughter of the Confederacy and was worn to remeber the valor of the COnfederate veterans!

50th Anniversay Battle of 1st Manassas Pinback


A great pinback from the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of 1st Manassas. This great pinback is approximately 2 inches wide. On the front it has two American flags, a Confederate battle flag, and a Virginia state flag. Written on the pinback is "Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Battle - National Jubilee of Peace - 1861-1865". The badge was made by "S.N. Meyer Manufacturer - Washington, D.C." as shown on the paper in the back.

1907 Confederate Veteran Reunion Norfolk, VA Badge

SOLD!!! A nice badge from the 1907 Norfolk, Virginia UCV - Grand Camp reunion. This badge has a celluloid pin with the Virginia coat of arms. A red and white ribbon hangs from the pinback. On the ribbon is written "Confederate Reunion - Oct. 23-24-25, '07 - Norfolk, VA." in gold. The badge is approximately 4 3/4 inches long. The badge was made by Whitehead & Hoag, Newark, NJ.

Captain Leo Rassieur, 30 Missouri GAR Pinback

SOLD!!! 1 1/4" IN DIA. ..BUTTON LOOKS BETTER IN HAND. BUTTON IN SUPPORT OF LEO RASSIEUR, DEPARTMENT OF MISSOURI, FOR COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC. HE INDEED SERVED AS Commander in Chief 1900/1901. Captain Leo Rassieur, 30th Missouri Infantry US Volunteers (Born 1844 Prussia - Died 1929 Missouri) 34th Commander-in-Chief, Grand Army of the Republic (1900/1901) Original Member, Missouri Commandery, Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S. Leo Rassieur was born April 19, 1844 at Wadern, Prussia (Germany), the son of Theodore and Margaret Rassieur. The mother died in Germany in 1848 and the father died in St. Louis, Missouri in 1875. Leo came to St. Louis, Missouri with his father in 1851, was educated in the public schools, gradutating from the St. Louis High School in 1860. He was especially proficient in mathematics and during the last two months of his course in high school, when his teacher was granted a leave of absence due to an illness. Leo was placed in charge of his class as teacher of mathematics. His course of study was designed to fit him for the profession of civil engineering, but later events operated to incline him toward the law. In March of 1861, he made his madien speech at a gathering of German citizens in the southern part of the city, which was evidently called for the purpose of procurring the adoption of resolutions designed to commit these citizens to the policy of neutrality in the then approaching conflict. A committee of prominent citizens was appointed to prepare and present resolutions bearing on this subject, and within a few minutes after their appointment this committee presented resolutions covering several pages, demonstrating conclusivley that the resolutions had been prepared elsewhere and that an effort was to be made to force their adoption. The youthful Rassieur protested against this precipitous action and urged his neighbors and frinds, many of whom were present at the meeting, which was held at George's Market, to raise their voices against the adoption of the resolutions. The result was that he was put forward as a spokesman of those who condemned the sentiment of the resolutions, and obtaining reconition from the chairman, he proceeded to make what may have been a boyish, but nevertheless an impassioned and telling speech against the proposed course of action. Fearful of the effect of his effect of his utterances, the chairman declared that he had no right to speak as he was not a citizen in the sense of being a voter. In response to this, young Rassieur declared that, although he was not twenty-one years of age, he might be called upon to serve his county in case of war and that being of those who would shortly be subject to military duty, he had the right to be heard concerning the issues involved in the impending confilct. When he attempted to proceed he was declared out of order, but appealed from the ruling of the chair. The chairman refused to put the question, and he then declared that if free speech was not to be allowed in the meeting as organized, he would ask those who believed in free speech and untrammeled action to leave the market house and assemble in front of it, where a new meeting would be organized and such action taken as would express the sense of the German citizens there assembled. Those present responded with practical unanimity to the request, only the chairman and his seven committeemen being left in the market house hall. The new meeting organized with R.E. Rombauer, then a young lawyer, as chairman, and Leo Rassieur as secretary. A new committee was appointed and this committee presented resolutions which were adopted unanimously, after a full and thorough discussion, and which pledged the assembled citizens unreservedly and patriotically to the Union cause. Two months later Leo demonstrated that he could act as well as talk and enlisted as a Private in Company B, 1st USRC (3 months). He was made Orderly Ser

General Phillip Sheridan Pinback


A great pin back with General Phillip Sheridan. The pin back is approximately 1 1/8 inches wide. This interesting pin back is made of three pieces. The round rope border is on the outside piece. A paper or cloth image of Sheridan is the second piece with a brass back piece held in by the original ring. A nice pin!

General William T. Sherman Pinback

SOLD!!! A nice pin back of General William T. Sherman. The pin back is approximately 1 1/4 inches wide A great GAR period pin back.

1900 Louisville UCV General Lee Celluloid Badge

SOLD!!! Here is a great celluloid from the 1900 Louisville UCV reunion. This celluloid has Robert E. Lee with a Confederate shield, sword, and wood canteen. On the celluloid is written "Reunion U.C.V. - Louisville. May, 1900". The celluloid was made by Whitehead and Hoag. I have added a photograph of Confederate veteran Robert S. Shreve wearing one of these badges. This photo was copied from the "Confederate Veteran" and is not original. It will be included with the sale.

74th Indiana Volunteer Reunion 1915 Pinback

SOLD!!! A nice pinback worn by a veteran of the 74th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. The pinback is approximately 1 1/4 inches wide. The pinback has a hole at the top which was made at the factory to be worn on a badge or as a pinback. You can see how the factory left a space in the word "compli ments" for the hole. The reunion was held in Milford, Indiana, Sept. 9 & 10, 1915.

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