Capt. John G. McKean 19th Arkansas Infantry Group
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I just picked up an Arkansas group at the Chicago show last weekend. There is one original photograph of Captain/Major John G. McKean, 19th Arkansas Infantry, 13th Battn Cavalry, and somewhere I read he might be involved with the 5th Arkansas in the early war( I haven't been able to verify this.) . Also with the picture is a program type item to his funeral. Inside is a black piece of crepe. A cabinet card type death card is included and two modern photos of McKean. One photo is before the war and the other has him sitting with a black. He is wearing his UCV uniform. Also his obituary in the local paper(original) is included. I have attached photos. Captain McKean lived in De Queen, Arkansas after the war. I have found references to him as Chaplain and Adjutant of the Camp John Morgan, No. 448, U.C.V.

The photo of Capt. McKean and the black man is on KODAK paper. The black man's name is Lit Polk who had been a slave owned by the McKean family. In the packet of information I received with the photo, this was included.

"Lit and I got aquainted with each other over 60 years ago on the 3rd day of April, 1837. Lit was about 7 years old. I had just entered upon the first stage of human existence. We were pretty intimately associated from this time on, even through the perilous days of the war when I "sought the bubble reputation, even at the cannon's mouth."

There is much more information. I have been able to pull two Civil War Historical data records on Captain and later Major McKean. I also found two references to Captain McKean in the "Confederate Veteran" magazine.

The younger photo is on photographic paper but it has no watermark. I have seen the earlier photo of Capt. McKean and Lit somewhere before but I have not been able to put my fingers on it. It is not in the "Confederate Veteran" or "Portraits of Conflict - Arkansas".

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