Society of the Army of the Tennessee 1889 Toast Ribbon
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A highly unusual and interesting large ribbon measuring approximately 4 7/8 inches by 7 7/8 inches.† This ribbon has a map from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Jonesboro, Georgia.† Written on the ribbon is "TOASTS - 22nd Annual Reunion - Society of the Army of the Tennessee - 1889 - Cincinnati - September 25 & 26, 1889".† Also written on the ribbon is "Introductory, The Campaign For Atlanta, Gen. W.T. Sherman.† Chattanooga. Toast 1 - A rider came out of the darkness - That hung over mountain and tree, And shouted 'Boys up and be ready', For Sherman will march to the Sea. - Capt. S.H.M. Byers -† Toast 2 - Resaca. - We stormed the wild hills of Resaca: God Bless those who fell on that day. - Gen. J.D. Cox† - Toast 3 - Dallas - The enemy made a bold attack at Dallas, and were repulsed with terrible loss.† Maj. A.M. Van Dyke - Toast 4 - Kenesaw -Then Kenesaw frowned in the glory, Frowned down on the flag of the free.† Col. G.D. Munson - Toast 5 - Roswell - The crossing of the Chattahoochee by us will be studied as an example in the art of war. - Lt. Col. David H. Moore - Toast 6 - Atlanta - Still onward we pressed till our banners Swept out from Atlanta's grim walls. - Gen.G.M. Dodge - Toast 7 - Jonesboro - Atlanta is ours, and fairly won. - Gen. O.O. Howard.".† I am sure these were placed at the dinner plates as a souviner of the society dinner held in 1889.† This is a very nice one!
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